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At Camp Bar, we love to support our local communities. Due to the amount of requests that we receive, we have standardized the way we give. If we have donated to your organization in the past, we cannot guarantee future donations and will require that you follow our outlined process moving forward.  

If you are requesting a team sports sponsorship, please see a General Manager at any of our Camp Bar locations. For all other inquires, you will be required to follow our charitable giving guidelines:

  • Our charitable pillars include: animal wellness, children + family health + services and veterans. Requests from non-profits who serve within these areas will be prioritized. 

  • We require that all of the organizations and initiatives we support have a direct impact on our local communities. As such, we kindly decline to support any national or international programs at this time.  

  • We only donate to not-for-profit organizations. Any requests from a for-profit organization will be kindly declined. We do require that a Tax ID number be provided on our donation request form. 

  • We are unable to ship any charitable donations and require that all donations be picked up at one of our locations or administrative offices. 

  • We require that this application be completed in it’s entirety. 

  • If a donation is made, we kindly ask that you provide a letter of acknowledgment for our records. 


All charitable requests must be submitted via this form and emailed to Any phone or email inquires will be asked to complete this form. All requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance to when the donation is needed. 


Looking for Camp to get involved in your organization?

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Download our giving form here:

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